NetCheetah is meant to handle anything, even on slow server machines. NetCheetah was designed so that you could run it on a laptop, with limited disk speed, RAM, and processor speed. Yet, it can still handle thousands of clients in a second. With that kind of power, there is nothing that can match it on high-end servers.


  • Support for HTML/JS/CSS/MIME files
    NetCheetah allows you to add your HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and MIME (Audio, Video, Media, etc) files with ease. Plus, there is no complicated setup - just drag 'n' drop and the file is up and ready on the server
  • Active Cheetah Plugins
    Used to JSP or ASP.NET? No problem. NetCheetah uses the Active Cheetah Plugin (ACP) technology that allows you to create dynamic pages in Java. ACP integrates with high speed sockets for better responsiveness which retaining dynamic qualities.
  • Fast and CPU Friendly
    Want speed, yet don't have too much CPU power. That is OK. NetCheetah was tested and designed on laptops and could handle thousands of clients without a hassle. Imagine its true power on a server machine.
  • Faster Response Time
    Everyone wants a server that can process requests quickly and efficiently. NetCheetah uses a new algorithm for quick read of files and quick write to the browser. Using HashMaps for efficiency, NetCheetah is the fastest and easiest web server out there for you to use.
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